The Arlington Youth Lacrosse Club (AYLC) is a parent sponsored and administered club run for the purpose of helping boys and girls learn the sport of lacrosse in a positive environment emphasizing the development of teamwork, good sportsmanship and athlet

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All DVDs can be borrowed by coaches in good standing.
Lost DVDs must be replaced by the coach who lost them.
Failure to return/replace DVDs may result in foreiture of reimbursements.

email spencer at if you wish to borrow a DVD

Men's game:
Tony Seaman: Installing the Sliding Defensive System
Dom Starsia: Developing the Dominating Individual Defender
Gary Gait: Stick Tricks & Dodging 
Gary Gait: Shooting Techniques & Drills
Mark Millon's Offensive Wizardry
Jack Kaley: Pressure Zone Defense
Dave Cottle: 1-4-1 & 2-3-1 Adjustable Zone Offense
Pat Meyers: 30 days to scoring success
Tom Harkins: Winning Practice drills for Lacrosse
Dom Starsia: Practice Organization & Drills for Lacrosse
Dom Starsia: The Complete Guide to Team Defense for Lacrosse
Tony Seaman: Installing the Sliding Defensive System  
Lars Tiffany: How to Create a Strong Team Defense  
Dave Pietramala: Developing On-Ball Defenders Behind the Net  
Jason Breyo: Defensive Skills & Drills for Youth Lacrosse 
Jason Breyo: How to Run a Youth Lacrosse Practice 
Gary Gait: Coaching Boys Lacrosse - U11 Skills & Drills
Toyota's Be the best 2
Toyota's Ultimate Offense/Ultimate Defense
USL Coaching Ed Program, Level One
USL Coaching Ed Program, Level Two
Women's game:
Jenny Levy: 6-Minute Competitive Drills for Lacrosse  
Gary Gait: Coaching Girls Lacrosse - Intermediate Stick Skills & Dodging  
Gary Gait: Coaching Girls Lacrosse - Basic Skills & Drills  
USL Coaching Ed Program, Level One
Greg Dale: Becoming a Champion: An Athlete's Guide to Building Self-Confidence
Tim McClellan: The Ultimate Speed Ladder Training Video: Innovations for Speed, Quickness, and Agility 
Jon Weston: Coaching Goalies

2009 USL Convention sessions:
  Men's Live Field Demos
      Patrick Finn: Goalie Sessions/Coaches Education
      Spencer Ford: Attack Play/Defense Strategies
      Bob Jackson: An On-Field Training Program using stations
      Sean Quirk: The Development of the Entire Goalie
      Tim Puls: Defensive Schemes and Positioning to Win Games
      Paul Werhum: Shooting Drills
      Todd Cavallaro: Creative Offense and Breaking Down the Defense
      Tom Marachek: Mechanics of Shooting
      Kyle Hannan: A College Practice
      Matt Danowski/Joe Walters: Biomechanics of Shooting
  Women's Live Field Demos
      Scott Biron/Jen Kaspar: Drills, Skills & Tactics to Jump Start your Season
      Jen Adams: Stick Skills and Shooting
      Denise Wescott: Common Mistakes for HS Goalies
      Adam Norton: C4 Goalie Training, All Good Shots Must Come to an End
      Ricky Fried: Defense From the Individual to the Team
      Abby Burbank: Teaching the Fundamentals and Making it Fun
      Wendy Kridel: Less is More, Attacking Around the 8
      Sue Heether: Women's National Team Demonstration
      Michael Molster: Teaching a Goalie to Defend Against the Crease Roll and Other Crease Shots