The Arlington Youth Lacrosse Club (AYLC) is a parent sponsored and administered club run for the purpose of helping boys and girls learn the sport of lacrosse in a positive environment emphasizing the development of teamwork, good sportsmanship and athlet

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The incredibly popular Arlington Field Hockey Recreation League is currently full, but we are working on securing more teams. Please put your information on our waitlist, so we can notify you once registration opens again.




Practices begin the Monday of Labor Day for any teams that CHOOSE to run a team practice.

After that, practices are every Monday at Longbridge Park

5P-6P for 3rd/4th grade teams

6P-7P for 5th/6th grade teams

7P-8P for 7th/8th grade teams


Games will be Sunday mornings between 8:30A - 1PM at Bishop O'Connell High School.

If you have any questions you can email





Are you looking for field hockey summer camps in our area.  

We will list camps and clinics here as we become aware.


Annual Washington-Liberty Field Hockey
Youth Camp 2023 August 8, 9 and 10
8:30-11:30 am W-L Stadium Field Ages 8-14
Varsity Coaching: Skills: all levels, Games, Fun!
Questions: Head Field Hockey Coach Beth Prange: Register with GoogleForm or email.

Cost: $100 Check to W-L HS /Pay at Camp
All skill levels welcome/Players receive Camp T-Shirt Shin guards, mouth guard and water bottle required Sticks available to borrow/some snacks provided

Revolution Field Hockey Camp
This camp happens in different locations. There is one in Fairfax at George Mason University 
June and July.  You can find the details at this website:
Washington Wolves Summer Camp
Many great Options, check them out here
Coach Sully's Camp 2023
Coach Sully's Camp is back! The week of July 10 Mon-Thurs. 




That's a wrap.

What a fantastic fall season of field hockey.  No bad weather or rain-outs.  We had so many new players and were happy to welcome back returning players.  It all came to a conclusion on Halloween with the 7th/8th grade champions - Team 3.

Yes, that's the name they chose.  Team 3

Congratulations.... Team...Three!



In addition to the Championship Game, some brave parents decided to give our sport a try and take on their kids in a friendly match. Way to go, mom and dad's!  


OCTOBER 19th - District Playoffs!

Our two local high schools, W-L and Wakefield, played one another in their District Playoffs, and AFH was invited to take the field wiht the high schoolers during introductions. What a special treat for our girls.

Good luck to Yorktown High School as they continue to play in the playoffs!








Without more coaches we are unable to open registration to more players.

Right now, we have over 200 players registered, and another 20+ on the waitlist.


If you would like to register for fall field hockey, but we sold out too fast, please put your name down on our waitlist at this link.

This will collect your information, and we will send you a separate link for registration if we have open spots or get more coaches.

If you are able to coach, please reach out to Megan Sullivan at  More coaches allows us to create more teams.




We have close to 250 players registered or on the waitlist.  AFH is establishing a foundation for a deep, experienced pool of field hockey players in Arlington, VA.  However, as this program grows, one person can not run it by herself.  
In the next year we will need to create some Age Group Coordinators.  These would be parents who take on some of the responsibilities of the age groups.  Helping to register, schedule and coordinate the 3rd/4th grade teams, or the 5th/6th grade teams, etc.  
If you think this might be something you could do, please reach out to me, and we can start familiarizing you with the different responsibilities.


Megan Sullivan,








AFH 8th graders, 

you can tryout for your high school JV team, each high school goes through the process differently so reach out to your HS coach, and go for it!  You must be here for tryouts in August, so plan vacations accordingly.



Arlington Field Hockey has wrapped up their 2020 season.  Thank you to the coaches, the High School Assistants and the parents who made this odd season happen.  Even in the pouring rain!
Looking forward to 2021.





National Girls and Women in Sports Day, 2020
It has been brought to my attention that today is National Women in Sports Day, and so I decided to dig into my old draft emails and resurrect a message I crafted in the middle of our fall season.  I never sent this out for a number of reasons, but today is a day to celebrate women sports. In addition, the recent tragedy with Kobe Bryant has had me thinking about not just his legacy but the disruption to what he could have done for women's basketball.  It has brought the term #GirlDad into our lexicon, and I thought of what I wrote back in the fall.
Written in October of 2019: 
I'd like to take a moment to write about something I've been thinking about a lot.  
As a youth sport that is predominantly female - this year AFH is all girls - field hockey has seen a tremendous amount of support from dads.  I think people often assume a female sport must have mom coaches or former female players. It's not the case across the board, but it's common for men to coach men and women to coach women. This year, I am grateful for all the parents who have volunteered.  Of course moms, women, former field hockey players are invaluable, but it is also a joy to see the dads out on the Arlington fields with their daughters.
What I didn't expect when starting this league was how many dad-coaches and how many dad-fans would step up.  All but one of the AFH dad-coaches are learning this sport for the first time and doing a wonderful job.  In the summer, many fathers were the first to reach out looking to sign their daughter up for field hockey.  Before 2019, many fathers were the first to suggest starting this league.  Two or three years ago, Hal Sinton coached and brought me in to his team.  It was Hal that really was the catalyst for Arlington Field Hockey.  A dad.  A non-field-hockey-playing dad, who loved his daughter.
When I went to college (1995-1999) and would trade stories with other female athletes, many of these young women had fathers with zero interest in their sport. They didn't attend games and definitely did not coach.  Of course, plenty of my co-athletes had supportive dads, but the difference here is that it wasn't odd for a father to be uninterested in their daughter's sport.  No one was shocked by it.  I was one of the few who was surprised.  As an adult, I realize what a gift that was from my own dad and my own community (Tunkhannock, PA).  It was a unique childhood where my female friends and I played and were treated with equal respect and excitement as the male athletes. I didn't realize that having a dad who wouldn't have missed one of my games any sooner than he would have missed my brother's was unusual.  Or that our high school bussing kids out of school - early - to cheer at our District Field Hockey game did not happen everywhere. 
I think times have changed.  That "uninterested dad" from my past would be the odd one these days. My husband coaches our daughters, cheers for them, plays all the sports they want to play (at the expense of our living room floors.)   I feel this is indicative of many of the families in Arlington.  (Indicative of the full support of girls, not the ruining of the floors.)  Our daughters are lucky to live here amongst that mentality or maybe not.  Maybe this is the norm.  That's a wonderful thing.
However, you can't run a league of 140 girls and not think about the overall culture of female sports.  Plenty still needs to change, but I'm not writing this to seek attention for what's wrong.  I'm trying to shine a light on the little hints in our daily lives that are lifting girls up.
Equality in sports isn't just about the opportunity to play or the money that's paid.  It's also about the equal encouragement and excitement that washes over you, day-by-day, as an athlete.  To know your parent wants to stand in the rain and watch your game just as they would your brother is to know that you are just as important. It's not an overt movement, but a simple gesture that let's them know you're there. 
So, keep being there, Dads, and thank you.  
See you on the field.
Megan Sullivan
Arlington Field Hockey
2019 NEWS
AFH Brings home the wins!
Three teams accomplished their first wins this past weekend.  The Pita Chips (7th/8th grade team) The Warriors (5th/6th), and The Wolves (3rd/4th).   Congratulations to the players who have worked so hard.  Thank you to the coaches who are donating time and energy to help make this happen.  The Pita Chips are shown here with some well-deserved smiles. Great Job, Ladies!!!
Arlington Field Hockey Launches Inaugural Weekend!


     This past weekend, AFH completed our first weekend of games, and it was a tremendous success!  Huge thanks to Yorktown Field Hockey who came out AGAIN to set up our fields and help our coaches run the games.   Please continue to show them any support you can.  They deserve it.


     All ran smoothly, and no matter if it was a 3rd grader out on the field for the first time, or an 8th grader playing for AFH, after finishing her JV HS game, it was field hockey.  Field Hockey in Arlington!  And it all began with our first Golden Ball, awarded to the player scoring the first goal in the team's first game in the first year of AFH.  The first Golden Ball was earned by 34Team Black, Callie Kaplan.  

     Soon followed by 56Team Gold, Emma Teeuwen.  A surprise winner from 56Team Black was Lena Sullivan (a 4th grader who was helping out and playing up an age group, because the team was short a few players).  56Team Grey's Ada Jordan wanted to be sure she got the golden ball by not just scoring once, but twice back-to-back! 
     A quick Golden Ball went to 34Team Gold's Caroline Haynes and the final Golden Ball of Saturday was earned by 34Team Grey's Lindy Curtin.  

     Sunday's game kept us all anxious (I know all of AFH was desperate to hear who would grab the golden ball for the 78Teams.  The text messages back and forth were ferocious.) But not a single goal was scored by 78Team Grey or 78Team Gold, as both games ended in 0-0 ties.  


    Would a 7th or 8th grader get a golden ball?  The question hung in the air all day, and many, many people had trouble relaxing and enjoying their Sunday afternoon...I'm sure.  As we waited on pins and needles.  With one team left to play, who would it be?  Would it happen at all?  


     The tension was thick in the air, the crowd was restless, but 78Team Black finally broke the stalemate, and in the final game of the weekend, Delaney Sinton delivered us a Golden Ball.  Proud Dad, Coach Hal, watched from the sideline as she forgot to pick up her ball and return it to the center of the field, as is customary for the scoring player.  It was glorious.  I think a live marching band started playing somewhere off screen, and fireworks may have begun.  Or at least, I'm sure that's how it was in everyone's mind.


     It was a great weekend to play field hockey.  Field hockey in ARLINGTON!!


     Here's to 2019, our inaugural year!


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