The Arlington Youth Lacrosse Club (AYLC) is a parent sponsored and administered club run for the purpose of helping boys and girls learn the sport of lacrosse in a positive environment emphasizing the development of teamwork, good sportsmanship and athlet

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Second week of practice, games are a comin'
by posted 09/15/2020

Arlington Field Hockey,

Our second week of practice is underway.  For some of you this will be your first practice and your only practice before our "games" begin.  There's no better way to learn than to jump right in.

I am waiting on the county to tell me the exact hours that we have Bishop O'Connell for games, but for your planning purposes, the schedule will be close to this.

(small changes to game schedule have been made)


9 AM, FIELD 1 FH34-01 FH34-02
9 AM, FIELD 2 FH34-03 FH34-04
10 AM, FIELD 1 FH56-01 FH56-02
10 AM, FIELD 2 FH56-05 FH56-06
11 AM, FIELD 1 FH56-03 FH56-04
11 AM, FIELD 2 FH78-01 FH78-02
12 PM, FIELD 1 FH78-06 FH78-04
12 PM, FIELD 2 FH78-05 FH78-03



UNIFORMS - Getting uniforms may be a constant battle.  There is a good possibility that not everyone will have a uniform by game time, so if you can re-use an old uniform, please do so. If you have an older sister or friend you can borrow one from, please do so.  If you have a light/dark pinney, get it ready.


We do have the first wave of uniforms ready, and will be distributed here:

Uniforms - Uniforms are being coordinated by Michelle Gentry. She has set up this plan for distribution:
Friday 3-5pm and Saturday 12-1pm
201 N Jackson St 22201
Walk up driveway to garage. 
Please wear a mask and please stay socially distanced.
I'll see the 7th/8th grade teams on the field tonight at 5:30P and the 3rd/4th grade teams on Thursday.
See you on the field, 
Coach Megan



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by posted 09/10/2020


Practice for all 3rd/4th grade teams is cancelled.


I'm so sorry, but there is a flash flood warning and rain and thunder predicted until tonight.

I need to cancel.


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by posted 09/09/2020

3rd and 4th grade field hockey players, below are instructions of where to go for your first practice.


When you arrive at Long Bridge Park, the fields are to the left as you pull into the parking lot.

Along the sidelines of the field will be colored cones spread out, players should find the color that goes with their team.


FH34-01 (Curtin)  = YELLOW CONES

FH34-02 (Olesak) = ORANGE CONES

FH34-03 (Hyatt) = RED CONES

FH34-04 (Moore) = BLUE CONES

Players can put their bags there, and wait until the coaches begin practice.  They can return to their cones at the end of practice to collect their stuff.
See you on the field!
Coach Megan

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by posted 09/09/2020


Today is Tuesday, this means that you all need to fill out your health survey before practice tomorrow.


Go to this link, and choose your corresponding team.


Your first practice is tomorrow, Thursday, 5:30P -6:30PM at Long Bridge Park.

You can not attend if you haven't submitted your signed waiver (there are only a few) or filled out your health survey.


Look back here tomorrow, and the website will tell you where to go to meet your team.


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by posted 09/06/2020


After some test runs, our weekly surveys have changed slightly.  It will be a new link.

Or click on the menu item on the vertical menu, under "Field Hockey" -> "WEEKLY MENU".  

And choose your corresponding team.


Hopefully, we'll have this system worked out in the first week.


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